The 5 Best Touch Areas to Please Women

Women's bodies are full of sensitive areas that trigger some immediate excitement, but we're not talking about the obvious. While the clitoris, vagina, nipples, and anus are all areas that are best understood, the secrets of orgasm and ultimate pleasure may lie elsewhere. Here is the best place to explore the female body for an exceptional experience.

Trigger external sensitive area

As most people know, the outer part of the body has relatively obvious sensitive areas. We're not talking about nipples, anus, and vaginas here, but that's part of it. It's all about the secret spot to boost your libido and sexual satisfaction.


The C-Spot
The C-Spot, the pea in the pod, the clitoris—whatever you want to call it—are the hidden gems of the female body. It has more than 800 well-developed sensitive nerve endings, so the area is very narrow during foreplay, and the orgasm can be grand. It is essential to try a clitoral stimulator to make things smoother.


The U-Spot
As the name suggests, it has a U-shaped construction. This area surrounds the opening of the urethra. However, when this part of the position is properly stimulated, it can produce unexpected highs that send you into ecstasy orgasms. Touching the U-spot can sometimes even lead to female ejaculation. So, gently tease this area during foreplay and get ready for a completely different orgasm.


Trigger the inner sensitive area

After the external point has been stimulated, people will have a deeper understanding of another area.

The G-Spot
The most frequently explored area should be the G-spot. But unfortunately, this area is harder to find. It can be found in the vagina about two inches on the other side of the clitoris. It is strongly recommended that the G-spot vibrator with an ergonomic design can reach the G-spot position of the female body. When you press down, the G-spot can get you into gushing female ejaculation.


The A-Spot
The A-Spot is above the G-spot at the top of the vaginal canal. Once you find smooth ridge with grooves, you’ve found it! Some experts believe that the A-spot provides better orgasm than the G-spot. It is capable of triggering multiple orgasms and squirting.


The PS-Spot
Opposite the G-spot, the PS-Spot is located inside the posterior vaginal route and can be stimulated both internally and externally. So, focus on the area between the anus and vagina, and try flipping the direction of your fingers to penetrate the other side of the vaginal wall. The orgasm that ensues will leave you very relaxed.


Continue to explore the mysteries of the female body. There will be different surprises.